EnglishTeacher.lt, Verkių g. 29H-311, Ogmios miestas

(behind Eastanbul Mezze, Assorti, BabyCity, Flokati, etc.)

Verkių g. 29H-311, Ogmios miestas, Vilnius, 09108, Lithuania

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Welcome to EnglishTeacher.lt.

The first time you come here, it may seem a little complicated, but here are some pictures to make it easier to find.

My classroom is in the white building where there are a couple of garages (the mechanic kind of garage). The actual entrance is from the carpark in the yard of Verkių g. 29H behind BabyCity. I'm on the 3rd floor -- you'll see my office at the top of the stairs on the right (room 311).

Take me straight to Google Maps, please!

How to find EnglishTeacher.lt

You can come from Kalvarijų, Žirmūnų or Ulonų g. and head along Lukšio g. Turn into Ogmios miestas along Lukšio g. Turn right before Asorti and just after Eastanbul.

Or you could approach from the other side and drive from Lakunų g. or Hyper Rimi along Kubiliaus g. towards Outlet Park.

Park anywhere here. Parking in the whole of Ogmios miestas is free, so you don't have to worry about paying.

The entrance is here through the door between two garages (mechanic-type garages rather than storage for your car or petrol stations!)

You'll see my logo. Come up the stairs and you'll see more signs. If you've made it this far, you can't go wrong!


Have a safe journey however you decide to get here!



Congratulations on being eco-friendly!

The closest stops are: Šiaurės miestelis or P. Lukšio stops

BUS 30 (Pilaitė-Konstitucijos-Apkasų-Šiaurės miestelis)

or 33 (Guriai-Sukilėlių g-Rinktinės-Šiaurės miestelis) also to Galvydžio stop


The following stop at TAURAGNŲ stop, which is about a ą0-minute walk away:

Stotelė Tauragnų st.(Kalvarijų g., Šnipiškės)  10 34 35 36 49 50 53 66 69   6 10   103N 


Stotelė Šiaurės miestelis(Žirmūnų g., Žirmūnai II)  5 7   9 12 17 20 21   104N 


Stotelė Šiaurės miestelis(Povilo Lukšio g., Žirmūnai I)  5 7 30 33   9

For more info, please refer to http://stops.lt/vilnius/#vilnius/map/en 

It's long been my secret fantasy to hijack a trolleybus! :) 

There is a children's play area with railings just opposite the entrance to EnglishTeacher where you could lock your own bike.

Image from Vilnius Tourism

The closest 'Cyclocity' orange bike stand is near the 24-hour Flower Market 'Verkių Gėlių Turgus' (it amuses me that a florist is open 24/7!) and 'Eastanbul'.

For more pictures, please take a look at how to find EnglishTeacher by car.

There are a number of affordable ways to reach EnglishTeacher by taxi or similar alternative.

Here are some services that I have used along with their loyalty codes. If you use the codes below, you will save money and I will gain too - win-win!



Discount code: 4NY7R

If you have never used Bolt before, use this code to get your first journey free (up to €6). I also get a credit of €6 too - win-win!

I like the app as it will tell you how long it will take for a car to arrive before you order. You can pay in cash or by card. Right now, it is the cheapest option as they have some promotions for rides in Vilnius. The drivers are friendly, although not all of them are registered taxi drivers (some didn't know the routes I wanted and were fiddling with their GPS system instead of driving/asking) but in general, I can't fault their cheap service.


Discount code: dqocepHz

This company has been the most reliable for me as they seem to have a big fleet of cars and one is usually available. I have rarely had to wait longer than 7 minutes for a pick up.

Clean cars and good drivers. You can leave feedback and add tips via the app if you do desire. I love the fact that you can see where on the map the car is in real time (great when you can see how long the pick-up will really be or where your friend is when they re being driven home at night).

You can also see exactly how much your journey is costing in real time as the metre works in the app in real time. Never get ripped off.

Plus, you get money back for each journey; it goes into a 'wallet' inside the app to spend on future journeys. If you use the code above, I'll get an extra 1% discount. There are also scratch card games within the app where you can earn up to 7% off your next ride or a fixed monetary sum. Students can also add the LSP number and always gain a 7% discount. So I like their loyalty scheme. Aside from that, they have been reliable. Recommended.


This one is a regular licensed taxi service. The cars look like taxis and you can choose the level of comfort. I usually opt for the Eco category. The drivers are usually friendly but may have dubious taste in music or may behave to quash or enhance any other stereotypical views you may harbour about taxi drivers. They usually arrive quite quickly, know the roads and shortcuts, but the costs will be slightly more. I have not been ripped-off since using this app. You'll be given an estimate of the cost before you order, but this will change due to the traffic in town.


This is another taxi company. The drivers are trained and know their way around without relying on a sat-nav. As above, there are various types of car. I like that you can see inside the app where the cars currently are before ordering. 







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