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About your teacher - Hannah Shipman

I am originally from England and grew up there before leaving home and gaining my MA.

After completing the Cambridge CELTA in 2000, I started teaching in Prague. Although I come from a family of teachers (parents and grandparents!)*, it was in the Czech Republic that I decided that teaching is my passion.

I worked in Estonia for 2 years and took the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry FTBE. I enjoyed the course about Teaching Business English and gained a Distinction in the exam.

In summer 2003, I moved to Vilnius to open a branch of International Language Services. In April 2009, I created ''.

I am always trying to improve my Lithuanian. I understand the frustrations and joys of language learners! I'm still studying because I believe that language learning is a life-long experience...

I worked as an oral examiner at the British Council for Cambridge FCE, CAE, CPE and Young Learners exams between 2004-2016. I was also Team Leader for Lithuania for many years. I also enjoy proofreading and editing, as well as voice recording work.

Since September 2009, I have also been working part-time at the Institute of Foreign Language at Vilnius University.

I try to incorporate modern technology into my lessons and show you how you can use your tech devices to learn outside the class. I aim to develop autonomous and self-sufficient learners. If this website looks a bit home-made, that's because it is all my own work through trial and error. So if you have any feedback or find dead links or typos, please let me know! I also love music, reading, and travelling.

In short, I love meeting new people and teaching interesting students. I am not the right teacher for everyone, but if you are enthusiastic and want to learn, then I look forward to meeting you soon. I promise I will work hard and work you hard.

Vilnius is my home now, although of course I go back to the UK to see my family and friends. I sometimes miss pork pie or fish and chips by the sea! When I’m in the UK, I miss your dark bread and opening the fridge and finding a secret stash of sūreliai! 

St Mary's, HorncastleMelton Mowbray Pork Piefish 'n' chips Sutton on SeaAngel Inn, Horncastle, Lincs.                     

 * my dad has just informed me that my paternal, paternal great-grandparents were also teachers! 

Why I love my job

Why I love my job

I love my job because I am privileged to meet with all sorts of different people. I am a life-long learner myself and understand the joys and frustrations of language learning! I also take my professional development seriously and continously strive to take every opportunity to develop outside the classroom - then I can bring new ideas and approaches into my classroom. Teaching can be really rewarding when you are able to help people achieve their aims. That's why I've chosen to make Vilnius my home as I feel I can contribute to society here. Plus, Vilnius is a great place to live!