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It is always good to hear your views.

I like to stay in touch with people and find out what they are up to. It's wonderful to see how these young people are exploring the world and making the most of the opportunities available to them for work or study.

The oldest student I have taught in Lithuania was in her eighties, but unfortunately I forgot to ask if she was on Facebook!

You can read comments left on the EnglishTeacherLT Facebook page. I have fond memories of teaching these students. Please add your feedback too. There are some more comments below from Paslaugos.lt. 

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Riccardo (Italy)

I had the pleasure of meeting and studying with Hannah while I was in Vilnius. Although I did just a few lessons, I am utterly satisfied of what I've learned. Hannah is an excellent teacher, extremely experienced and resourceful. She will get you straight to the point and you will be able to achieve every goal you'll set. Besides, her lessons are very interesting and stimulating! I highly recommend her if you have some exams to sit or if you just want to broaden your knowledge of the English language!

Riccardo , Individual Lessons


Hannah is a wonderful teacher! I feel lucky that I had honour to be her student at Vilnius university. She is dedicated, hard-working and inspiring! All knowledge which I gained in her lessons I still use in my daily life. I highly recommend her if you want to improve or learn English!

Brigita, Advanced C1 course


I first met Hannah when I studied for preparation of my tests - she is an amazing teacher, attentive to people's development areas and will manage the group well to accommodate to slight differences in abilities. 
I then joined for 1:1 tuition for Business English certificate and she was stretching and demanding, which is great because I felt massive improvement. She chose very good topics to cover and my business vocabulary expanded to an extent that when I work now in English speaking environment people can't quite put a finger on the fact that I am not English native speaker (I still have the accent!). 
The fact that Hannah is from UK helps to learn the culture, the pronunciation. 
On the side note, Hannah is so fun in general, has a great sense of humour and opinion on culture and current affairs, no dull lesson :)
Greatly recommended!!!!

Monika, Exam skills group / Business 1:1


Hannah is an excellent teacher! She is dedicated, motivated and hard working person, who will make sure that you would get the best results from your exams. Thanks to her I got the opportunity to study in the United Kingdom. I highly recommend Hannah for anyone who wants to improve their English language skills.

Edvin, Exam skills / Individual Tuition / Editing


I joined Hannah's class to get improve my English skills. Her classes and teaching style exceeded my expectations - lessons were fun whilst very focused on achieving our goals and tackling the least comfortable tasks for each of us. She is also a people person so be ready to learn faster than you expected because you're having a good time! And that definitely is a key to better results. All my best recommendations go to Hannah without a doubt! 
Hannah - thanks for your support and your amazing course, you changed the preparation from dreadful to very engaging and fun! All the best! 

Eglė, Group course


Hannah is an excellent native speaking teacher who encourages student to do their best to enhance their English language skills. If you want to learn British jokes and fulfill a dream to study in the U.K., Hannah will perfectly assist you in this study journey 

Ilona, Exam skills / Conversation Course

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