Payment Details for Bank Transfers

I am registered as self-employed and accept payment by bank transfer: 

 Hannah Shipman-Gricienė, Swedbank, LT18 7300 0100 7927 0363 
Please note that my bank is now in my married name: Hannah Shipman-Gricienė. It will also accept payments without the Lithuanian letter ė, so Hannah Shipman-Griciene will also work.

When you pay for a course by bank, please make sure you leave the following details in the information field:

Student name (if different from the person paying) & Course name (and dates)

e.g. Hanutė Laivutė Advanced 17.15 (January 19)

If you are paying for private lessons, it is really helpful if you can add the date of the lesson/s as well as your name, e.g. Džiemsas Bondas, Nov 2 - Dec 21

Thank you for choosing to study with me.

To make a bank transfer from an EU bank, you need the following information:

Transfer currency: EUR
Name and SWIFT code of the beneficiary bank: "Swedbank", AB: HABA LT 22
Beneficiary's account number within "Swedbank", AB; My International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is: LT18 7300 0100 7927 0363 
Beneficiary's first names: Hannah Lucy Family name: SHIPMAN-GRICIENE

Address: Verkių 29H-311, Ogmios miestas, Vilnius, LT-09132, Lithuania.

If it is not possible for you to make a bank transfer, other methods of payment are possible, If you would like to pay by Western Union, Moneygram, Paysera, Transferwise, etc., please contact me first as you may require further information such as the number of my ID document.

Please note that you are responsible for all banking fees related to the transfer. 

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